Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Acacia villosa - Jamaican acacia

Scientific Name    :     Acacia villosa
Species Authority :     (Sw.) Willd.
Taxonomic Notes :     Is possibly a synonym of Acacia glauca (L.) Moench.

This tree has leaf stalks are somewhat reddish, as well as the stalk stalks are still young, more subtle and editorial rather thin, is a shrub up to 4 meters high.
This tree can grow in thin soil and can withstand the seasons that are very dry.

Fertilization is very much a year continuously, but at most in the dry season. Greatly influenced by the depth of seed planting. Germination is best in full light.
Seeds have a high germination power when the seeds are stored in advance, therefore it is advisable to dry the seeds well in advance, to enlarge the period of germination.

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