Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Perforated Flowers - Anthocephalus cadamba

Common Name: common perforated flowers 
Origin: India, China, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam
Flowering season: October to July
Vernacular name: Kadamba
Current name: cadamba Anthocephalus
Authority: (Roxb.) Miq. 
Family: Rubiaceae
Jabon trees or other tree Jabon terms (cadamba Anthocephalus) Kelampayan known tree, a tree only, or tree of the foot. Is a kind of local plants that can be recommended to be placed in the development of planted forests, because this kind of easy to grow, has been known to take advantage of the wood by the people, and the possibility of marketing is very high, spread across Indonesia, and I knew this technology silvikultumya. Jabon tree chinensis Anthocephalus one type of tree grows fast (fast-growing species - FGS). Jabon tree favorite tree planted in the farms.
In several places in Sumatra and has developed forest plantations with timber base with Jabon planting cycle for 4 years. Can be accessed prospects Jabon trees over 45 meters with the length of the trunk free of branches to 30 feet, including the Qatar jabon tree that can reach 160 in their natural habitat. One of the most important characteristics that seek for the timber industry, jabon tree has a straight and cylindrical rods, called high with horizontal branches, support for 1.50 meters high, tree Jabon outer skin color, gray - brown to brown fluted shallow.
Anthocephalus cadamba large tree with broad crown and straight cylindrical poly. Tree: up to 45 m high trunk diameters 100 - (160) cm. And sometimes a small tree and crown pillars and broad. Bark is gray, smooth in young trees, rough and fissured longitudinally in the ancient trees. Green leaves, against a glossy, more or less sessile simple petioled, oval to elliptical (15-50 x 8-25 cm). Bloom in clusters; terminal globose heads without bracteoles, fragrant subsessile, flowers orange or yellow; flowers bisexual, 5 - merous, tube funnel-shaped cup, corolla gamopetalous saucer-shaped with a narrow tube, the lobes narrow passengers in its infancy. Stamens 5, added to the corolla tube, basifixed anthers short bristles.  
Ovary inferior, locular bilateral, sometimes 4 - locular in the upper part, like the exserted stigma in the form of spindle. With many of the upper parts with 4 hollow or solid structures Fruitlets. Three-or irregularly shaped seeds. Is closely allied to A. cadamba Naucleinae tribe (Rubiaceae) but differs from them in the development of the placenta session. This type is in the center of controversy classification based on the name of the original type specimen described by Lamarck.

Short Description: This tree has large leaves arranged loosely, and therefore do not constitute a dense canopy. Let the big tree with spreading branches and unfit for cultivation in small spaces. However, it is ideal for parks and large gardens and universities. Flowers somewhat similar to the tree of badminton. I planted this tree as a tree in the way some parts of Bangalore.
Jabon trees grow to the suitability of this tree can grow at elevations of 0-1100 feet below sea level (ASL), and optimum temperature 32 * - 42 * C, rainfall 1500-3500 mm / year, and the deep soil - in for acidity 4.5 to 7.5. You can measure the degree of acidity in the soil pH meters with the assistance of the land that you can order in store.

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