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The hog badger - Arctonyx collaris

Pulusan, Pig Trunk, pork or badger Arctonyx collaris, the fourth name is certainly strange. Although the name of endangered and protected species. These animals in Indonesia called Pulusan Trunk or pork. In England, known as the Hog Badger. And Latin called Arctonyx collaris.

The hog badger is in the heart of Southeast Asia. It is located in Mongolia, India (Sikkim Terai, Assam, Arunacha Pradesh), in southern China, Indochina (Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), Myanmar, Indonesia (Sumatra), via Thailand and, possibly, Perak, Malaysia. There is a plaque isolated in eastern Mongolia (Dornod Aimak). According to Holden (2006) in Sumatra, the pig seems to tie in the first place over 2,000 m with a record performance in the 700 meters, and the historical data also indicate a mountain area (Miller 1942). Corbet and Hill (1992) suggests that the map in Sumatra, the species is restricted to the southern part of the island, while in fact individuals are found in many mountainous regions in the north as well.
In Laos, the most recent records are from the central part of the country, some from the north, although historical records also come from the south. Recently there have been indirect reports (unsubstantiated village) survey many areas in Laos, but a few documented cases in total, suggesting that this species was present in the recent past, but he more or less influenced by areas relatively large (JW Duckworth in litt. 2006). Deuve (1972) consider that the species in the southern region of Laos, where some lowland sites, but the range Lao Deuve information is often incorrect (eg, Timmins and Duckworth, 1999), so it can not be considered complete confirmation of the animal was once widespread in the lowlands of Laos. All seven cases in 1992-1996 were in and around the Nam Theun basin above 500 m sites (Duckworth 1997), while the two historic sites by Delacour (1940) in mountainous areas: Phongsali and Plateau Bolovens. Records post-1996 are also hills and mountains
Description, characteristics and behaviors. Pulusan, Pig Trunk, pork or badger Arctonyx collaris has characteristics similar silhouette Luwak (Civet) and the pig-snout. Perhaps because of this Pulusan also known as pork and Pig Badger trunk or Luwak.

Pulusan are mammals that live in the soil. Body length of 55-70 cm and weighing about 7-14 kg. This animal has a long tail of 12-17 cm. His body was covered with feathers hingg yellowish gray. While on the legs and abdomen has black fur. Feathers on the head tends to be lighter whitish with black streaks the length around the eyes, nose to the ear.
Not much can be revealed by the behavior of Pulusan (Arctonyx collaris). Protected animal is a nocturnal animal activity at night. In addition, the omnivorous animals Pulusan that small mammals, worms, insects, fruits, tubers and roots to eat.

Distribution and habitat. Pulusan or Hog Badger has a wide distribution. These animals are found in Southeast Asia from Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India (Assam), Indonesia (Sumatra), Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Indonesia Pulusan can not be found on the island of Sumatra.

Pulusan preferred habitat is lowland tropical forest at a height of 3500 meters. Various types of habitats, ranging from primary forests, grasslands in agricultural areas. In Indonesia, this star is only on the island of Sumatra. One of the areas that were habitat Pulusan in the Gunung Leuser, Aceh.

The role of ecosystems and humans. Pulusan role in the ecosystem and people are not well understood. It is estimated that the habit of digging while searching for earthworms to help aerate the soil and the burrows are occupied by old excavations of other animals.
The population and conservation. Population Pulusan (Arctonyx collaris) is not known with certainty, despite the supposed decline from year to year because of damage to forests as their habitat. Therefore, this species by the IUCN Red List included in the conservation status Near Threatened (Near Threatened) since 2008 after the previous (1996) Concern berstatuskan (low risk).

Scientific classification: 

Kingdom: Animalia; 
Tribe: Chordata; 
Class: mammals; 
Order: Carnivora; 
Family: Mustelidae; 
Genre: Arctonyx; 
Type: Arctonyx collaris. 

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