Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Batai - Albizzia falcata Backer

Botanical name: (Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) Nielsen), syn. Albizia falcata Backer, family Mimosaceae. Local name: Albizia, bae, bai, jeungjing, jeungjing sea, sea dog, rare, salawaku, salawaku red, white salawaku, salawoku, bulkhead, sea sengon, sengon Sabrang, Sika, Sika bots, cycads, laughter interrupted, wai, wahagom , another wiekkie.Nama: Batai (West Malaysia, Sabah, Filipinos, British, United States, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Germany); wood Machian (Sarawak); puah (Brunei).
These plants include the category tree, while that can be produced from this plant, is a trunk that can be used for timber or furniture industry. This plant can be grown in the highlands, medium and low. Moreover, it can dipanan starting age of 5 years.
The whole Java, Maluku, Irian Jaya. General Characteristics: Wood patio colored almost pale white or light brown (like meat) color of the sapwood is generally no different wood with wood terrace. Its texture is rather coarse and uneven in the direction of the fiber is straight, wavy or combined width. Wood surface somewhat slippery or slippery and somewhat shiny. The wood is still fresh petai smell, but the smell is gradually lost when the wood becomes dry.
Properties of wood: Wood sengon including durable grade IV / V and class IV-V with a specific gravity of 0.33 (0.24 to 0.49). The wood is soft and has a value of shrinkage in the radial and tangential directions respectively 2.5 percent and 5.2 percent (wet to dry kiln). The wood is easily sawed, and can be dried quickly without significant disability. Common defect is a wood drying curve or twist.
For seed selection Sengon Albasia sea or, in good conditions, namely: both stem and leaf, seedling age of about 4 s / d 6 months, and a height between 50cm to 70 cm.
Planting of seedlings should be spaced 2 x 3 m, to maintain in order to grow properly and care easier. After the age of 2 s / d 3 years will be selected, which is not good growth is cut or removed, so that others can grow well.
In the early stages of fertilization should use manure or compost, the plants grow healthy new look could use urea or NPK fertilizer.

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