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Macassar Ebony - Diospyros celebica Back

Ebony Wood (Diospyros celebica Back) or Better Known As The Black Is One Specific wood type of wood (native) of Sulawesi, Including luxury wood types (fancy wood) That Scattered Mainly grows in Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi (Kabupaten Parigi, Poso, Donggala , Toli Toli-, and Kolonodale Luwuk), South Sulawesi (Maros regency, Barru, Luwu and Mamuju) and North Sulawesi (District and Minah Bolaang Mongndow).
Type inidigemari by the world community Because of the artistic value of Both texture and color durability wood also So Much furniture or handicrafts made in the form of wall hangings, sculptures, carvings and so forth.

The existence of this very mature ebony IS Alarming, Because the demand, ebony, Which is not offset by the Successful cultivation of natural causes in the population of Many species of wood under pressure in terms of IS Both deployment and Its Potential. This is Caused by the high economic value, so this type of pressure IS very intense ekploitas.
Because the rate of population decline IS very fast then this type by the World Conservation Union (WCN) Is An Institution That Is Engaged in the global natural resource conservation and for the species, the agency Issued a list of the Kinds of Threatened Flora and Fauna with extinction. In 2000 Threatened Species Red List of WCN, Ebony (Diospyros celebica Bakh) Including the Vulnerable category (borderline high risk of extinction in the wild / vulnerable to exploitation.

Name and Type 

Wood Ebony / ebony (Diospyros celebica Bakh) Is One of the woody plant species Belonging to the genus Diospyros Is A genus of the tribe Ebeneceae.

Taxonamy :
Domain: Eukaryota
Kingdom: Plantae
Subkingdom: Viridaeplantae
Phylum: Tracheophyta
Subphylum: Euphyllophytina
Class: Magnoliopsida
Subclass: Dilleniidae
Order: Styracales
Suborder: Ebenineae
Family: Ebenaceae
Genus: Diospyros
Specific epithet: celebica - Bakh.
Botanical name: Diospyros celebica
In the world of commerce Known as ebony, Macassar ebony (United Kingdom, United States), Ebony Makassar (France) gestreept Ebben (Netherlands), Macassar ebenhols (United Kingdom) ebeno Macassar (Spain) ebeno in Macassar (Italy) and Indonesisk ebenholt (Sweden). As for the name of the area Known As: various names Such as Toe (Donggala, Poso and Manado), Limar (Luwu), Sora (Malili) and ayu Maitong (Sydney).
Phenotype Tree 
Ebony (Diospyros celebica Bakh) Is A woody plant medium-sized to large with a height 40 meters Can reach a branch-free with 10 to 26 meters. Trunk diameter Can reach 150 cm with Buttresses / buttress root circumference That Can reach 4 meters from the ground. Cylindrical rod form with a scaly surface of area and black.

The leaves are elongated with a single size and 12-35 cm wide and 2.5 to 7 cm. Slightly to the base obtuse leaf tips and leaf menjantung type to Slightly typing.

Growing Places 

Naturally stands ebony found in the mountains hilly plains to reach a height of 700 meters Above sea level, the goal IS ebony growth less / not optimal if the grown Above 400 Above sea level so the maximum altitude for cultivation activities 400 masl That.

Taking Into account the natural spread in Sulawesi, ebony Growing There stands in the forest area HAS humid wet season (types AD) forest with 2737 mm rainfall per year average year (Luwu, Mamuju, Poso) and grown in a temperate forest Monsoon season ( type C) with year average Annual rainfall of about 1709 mm per year (Sydney).

Ebony tree classified as semi-tolerant tree species to light. The average air temperature required for the development of plant growth and development ebony 22-280C.

That show area for Distributing ebony ebony trees grow in Areas with rocky old geologically diverse as limestone, sandstone, clay, Naples, slate, etc. .., As well as on land, ebony tree grows on a wide range of chalky soil Began to land , latosol, red-yellow podzolic soil to shallow rocky.
Wood properties 
Weight wood kind ebony ranged up to 1.27 with 1.1 year average of 1.1 Including a very hard wood and includes wood with a strong class.


Including Lux ebony wood with decorative and Economic value is very high so Widely Used for the manufacture of furniture, decoration (decoration) and others.

Fruit and Seed Collection

Ebony Began flowering and Fruitful life of 5-7 years with year Estimated month of the flowering season from April to May and fruits mature in September-November.
The collection of ripe fruit on trees or Should Be Collected using Net to Avoid the fruit fall to the forest floor. Because the fruit from the forest floor Can Be Obtained Easily damaged due to fungal attack. The Characteristics of the fruit ripe red fruit skin color of yellow or brown, hairy and dark brown seeds.

The new seeds Generally Have Higher germination about 85% and Will continue to fall if it IS stored. Decrease in germination Data Can Be Maintained up to 70% within 12 days if Treated by mixing seed with moist charcoal with a balanced ratio (1:1).

Preparation of Seeds 

Ebony tree Including semi-tolerant tree species persemaiannya That Must Be Made on A Somewhat teduh. seed Should Be Sown in polybags filled HAD That the media, seedlings ready for planting if it has-been about 8-10 months old with 25-30 Â ± cm high.

Meanwhile, if the use of seedlings using natural seedling, then scraped Ways to use your collection. Maximum height for seeds scraped material That Is Planted and 15 cm in the Field Before the first weaning  ± dipersemaian for 4-5 months.


Ebony tree planting land preparation depends on the condition of land, for the location of vacant land or grassland in total cleaning, Where in the form of land preparation in the logging area form 1 -2 meters.
Planting in Open Areas Should Be Preceded by planting shade trees for shade. Distance of planting shade trees Used 3 x 2.5 x 1.5 or 2.5 and ebony tree spacing of 5 x 5 x 3 or 3. Shade trees Reduced
gradually When ebony reach the level of sampling.

Weed control Carried out in oven times and two times the first year in the second and Third years. For weed control at planting with a system made up of five lines.


  1. Yeah Ebony wood has been used in the making of goblets materials. This wood is strong and very good in quality as compared to ordinary woods.


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  4. In France macassar ebony is actually nammed ébène de macassar

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