Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dadap serep - Erythrina lithosperma Miq. non Bl

The leg Dadap barbed or pay a fine. Three papers unite and form a rhombus. Usually used to pressure, heat and heal the sick leave infusion Dadap effective parts and antipyretics.
Instead of a big tree, the height of up to 22 meters, in all parts of East Asia, Java is not retained, wild, jungle, and of 305 hundred meters above sea level, sand land, forest, land fat aluviaal (silt).
Home is not retained, stems, and leaves of many plants a thorn patch, which does not stem rose species. Somewhat rounded base sheet, and the tip sheet is wider, and sometimes almost round, at the base of a round, short and sharp edges.

Flowers: leaves off the stem, berlekatan little or no stamens and leading a fully independent, in many cases up to the base.
The material in this herb are: seed (skin and young leaves); hypaphorine (alkaioida) containing toxic only to the frogs.

Taksonamy : 

Kingdom: plantar (plants) 
Subkingdom: Tracheobionta (vascular plants) 
Super Division: Spermatophyta (seed production) 
Division: Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)
Grade: Magnoliopsida (two intermittent / dikotil) 
Sub-category: Rosidae 
Order: Fabales 
Family: Fabaceae (legumes tribe) 
Sex: Hamriyah
Species: Erythrina lithosperma Miq 

DescriptionPlant a tree.There are thorny stems and some are hidden.Three cards are unified and the formation of Dalton.


Pressure and heat treatmentBitter taste, cool and cleanse the blood.Leaf infusion Dadap effective parts and antipyretics

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