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Rasamala - Altingia excelsa, Noronha

Category : 
Family: Hamamelidaceae 
Vernacular / common names: Rasamala, bad, tulasan, mandung (Indonesia).

Distribution and habitat 
Spread of this type from the Himalayas to the humid areas in Myanmar to Peninsular Malaysia to Sumatra and Java. In Java, this type grows only in the western region with a high level of 500-1500 meters above sea level, in the hills of the humid forests and mountains. In Sumatra, and the spread of A. excelsa in Bukit Barisan. Grows naturally, especially in humid site with rainfall over 100 mm in the month, and the volcanic soil. It uses this type of cultivation, especially in West Java and Central Java. Planted at a distance from the meeting, because the young trees tend to branch out if it gets a lot of sunlight.
Wood is very durable, although direct contact with the ground. Due to the high branches freely, then the window is suitable for wood columns and columns of bridges, construction, electricity, telephone and railway lines and buffer the file. In addition, wood used in heavy construction vehicles and the system, and boats and ships, and the Word, and Raft, finir, and plywood. Young leaves are often red color of vegetables or salad. In Java, which was used finely ground leaves cough medicine. Aromatic resin and the smell of air freshener.
Description of plant
Evergreen trees, can be up to 40-60 meters high with a branch-free 20-35 meters and a diameter of up to 80-150 cm. Wood bark smooth, gray, and red. He called on young trees of the meeting and in the form of a pyramid, and then gradually became round after dark. Place of turning the paper, oval shape, the length of 6-12 cm, and width of 2.5 up to 5.5 cm, with a precision serrated edge of the paper. Unisexual flowers. Male and female flowers separately on the tree itself. Panicle female flowers consist of from 14-18, similar to the assembly of the head.
Fruit and seed description 
Fruit: fruit 1.2 to 2.5 cm in diameter, and brown, such as capsule, consisting of 4 rooms. Each room contains 1-2 seeds that have been fertilized. In addition to the fertilized seed, in every room also contains the seeds are not fertilized, which reached to 35 grains.Seeds: Seeds flattened and surrounded by wings of smell aromatic. Per kilogram of grain or seeds, which includes 75 000 177 000 seeds / liter. epigeal germination session.
Season flowering and IthmaarIn Java, and this type of flowering and fruiting throughout the year, but peak flowering April and May. Peak load and the best time to collect seeds from August to October. Vector vaccination is unknown, but the broker is suspected of wind for pollination, on the basis of the review that the flower has no petals and the corolla, stamens, and very abundant, and the President of the stigma of "papillae".

Harvesting fruit 

The fruit should be collected before the war, his pants turn black. If late, you may be the result of empty because seeds have dispersed.
Processing and handling 
Extracted from the seeds before drying for 2 days, or by drying the seeds temperature 38-42 ˚ C for 20 hours. With this treatment, and will be open so that the fruit of seeds extracted easily. The seeds can be used to sort the table sort seed by weight.

Storage and dynamic 

Fresh seed must undo vibilitasnya should therefore be planted immediately. The results of research and technology development sowing Bogor Exhibition Centre can maintain the survival of up to 12 weeks if the dry seeds until the moisture of 5-8% and then put the plastic airtight container and store in a cool room temperature 5 - 8 ˚ C

Sowing and germination 

It should be soaked seeds in water for 24 hours before sowing. Media commonly used seeding the sand and soil mixture is 1:01. Began on 10 germination. Can be buds that were 1 month old can be weaned on the polybag that already contain rich media in organic material.

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