Thursday, August 11, 2011

Montain Anoa - Anoa quarlesi

Anoa mountains is one of two types of species that exist in Indonesia Anoa, also known as mountain Anoa, Anoa Mountain, the Anoa Quarles, Berganoa, Anoa Montana.

The length of 122-153 cm from head to feet shoulder height, not exceeding 75 cm, tail length up to 27 cm, while the weight of an adult height of less than 150 kg. Anoa mountains have a very thick coat and dark brown or black. Males than females Anoa dark Anoa. Relatively short tail. Both sexes have horns, which are relatively short, straight and turns leads to the rear. Horns can reach 15-20 cm.
The gestation period of 276 days to 315 days, babies born just a tail, the ability to reproduce at the age of 2 years to 3 years. Anoa survive about 20 years to 25 years. When born, the baby Anoa fur golden or yellowish brown and very thick. The color will gradually change to a dark line in its development.

Ecology and habitat
Anoa mountains on the island of Sulawesi and Buton in Indonesia. Mountains Anoa included in the category of tropical forest animals, and select the area there are lots of vegetation, permanent water sources and out of human reach. Anoa mountains often bathe in the mud, like the wild buffalo. This may be because it has minerals in it. Anoa mountains are very active in the morning, he returned refuge in the afternoon. They shelter under a large fallen tree, under large rocks and tree roots below. The horns are used to remove branches or dig the soil and also used in a fight with another Anoa to show dominance. If you feel excited, Anoa Pegungungan grunting "moo" short. Anoa mountains live solitary or in pairs.
Anoa is a herbivorous animal. Their food consists of grass or leaves, he also ate ginger, fruit growing in their habitat, palm trees and ferns.

Anoa has no large predators, although currently the greatest threat is man.

Anoa mountains are mainly hunted for their skins, meat and horns. In addition, deforestation for agriculture and gold mining is also increasingly threatened habitat Anoa Pegungungan because he lost the sources of housing and food, and he could not not adapt to human presence.
Conservation status
Anoa mountains are in a position in the list of CITES Appendices I and those in the list of Threatened Species IUCN data.

Few details are available on the amount of certain populations of mountain Anoa. Currently an estimated total population of the mountains all around Anoa 3000 to 5000 birds. The population declined in 1900, this is due to habitat loss, hunting and shooting is done by the military. It is estimated that less than 2500 mature individuals head. The population of the Anoa is very worrying because subpopulasinya located in protected forest areas, such as Lore Lindu National Park, the number of people is caused by secondary poaching has decreased. There are three areas where the population fell drastically Anoa, especially in Gorontalo, Buol and Tolitoli district.

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