Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pseudalmenus chlorinda, Tasmanian Hairstreak Butterfly

These caterpillars are dark brown, red, black and bright yellow markings and a black head. They are always found in association with ants toxic.
The female is shiny black, and develop under the bark or into a crevasse. It is also visited by ants. The pop-period from January to December following.

Adult males and females are similar, except that the wings of females are more rounded. The front wings and hind legs are black or dark brown on top with a white and an orange mark in the middle of each wing, the inner edge of the orange mark a black border. The hind wings are scarlet border by the tail.
The underside is bluish gray, with each marked by a black Conditions wing DISCAL black spot and a black outline. The hind wings beneath his black spots and a red border. The wingspan is about 3 cm.
The eggs are pale green, round and flat with a diameter of about 1 mm. They are usually deposited in small groups (maximum five) on the branches of a young food shelf.

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