Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lemon Scented Gum - Eucalyptus citriodora Hook

Current name: citriodora Corymbia 
Authority: (Hook.) K.D. Hill & L.A.S. Johnson 
Family: Myrtaceae

Large tree with the bark, smooth white. Leaves lanceolate, and up to 6 inches long and 9 lines, acuminate shining not; sweating remarkably smooth and veins of the many side, oblique, and parallel with the deployment or a little, and peripheral intravenous quite a bit removed from the edge, which is more or less irregular. Many in axillary panicles mowers. Cup hemispherical to cylindrical tube slightly, about 2 lines in diameter, and a leg under 2 lines long; operculum hemispherical, Apgar.
Fruit. - Oval, truncated, contracted to the edge; thin edge; open the valves down; less than 4 lines in diameter and 6 lines long.
The above is that the place is known at present of this kind. Samples were collected, Mr. T. Mitchell Interior has so far, in the Creek Beebury, Downs Mantua, and "Sir William Hooker Eucalypt This is called (though without flowers or fruit) of the fragrant smell like lemon delicious, and that found in drylands, as well as in the recent state." And apply now (Mitch. TROP. Aust 235.) The term "citron scented gum" to the coast with smooth white bark of a tree, and is cultivated to a great extent. It's not just the smell of eucalyptus possess this character in its oil, and this also occurs in north Queensland "Ironhark". E. Staigeriana, F.v.M. Whether the Mitchell plant a tree is identical with that on the coast and one that is applied to the name now remains to be proven, because, as mentioned above, created the species on the leaves and chemical components alone.
Oil for this type of eucalyptus is composed almost entirely of the aldehyde citronellal, and from 5 to 10 per cent. Other bodies, including the small amount of the ester, alcohol a bit, or perhaps geraniol citronellol, and a very small amount of the terpene. It does not look like those derived from the leaves of E. maculatum.
This is basically one of Queensland Eucalypt, growing a very large scale in the Gladstone area, but it lends itself easily to agriculture in other regions, and grow well in Sydney. Completely stabilized species, so that always show the relative stability of oil, regardless of the place and planted trees. It also shows great vitality, and has informed us by a man who knows the area well, and on the Herberton Range to the north of Cairns there are several hundreds of acres where E. citriodora grown in abundance. When there was logging for the purposes of mining, but a large amount of "idiots" did not come out, and thus an abundance of paper available. He distilled oil of this article and found it excellent quality.
We could not get leave from the state of Queensland for the purposes of distillation, but the investigation in the oil distilled commercially there. Found to be in agreement with the oil extracted from the tree we a.cultivated in Sydney. That the constitution of the oil from trees planted are similar to those derived from the article in the growing native, and can be seen from the results of the analysis we offer herewith,

The tree was planted, which was obtained from the leaves and branchlets distillation plant growing on the government resumed the land on which to erect the new railway stations in Sydney, was collected in February 1902. The yield of oil by 0.6 per cent. The oil minister, but a little color and the distinctive smell of citronellal of oil from this species.

The crude oil at 150 C. The specific gravity = 0.864; AD rotation - 1.0 degrees; the refractive index of 1.4594 = 200, and was soluble in the size of 1 / 21 to 70 per cent. Alcohol. The number of saponification of the esters and acid free 7. A report carried out in the normal way aldehyde 91 per cent, absorption, and it was supposed to be completely citronellal.


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