Monday, August 15, 2011

Alcippe pyrrhoptera, Javan Fulvetta Bird

Character of this Alcippe pyrrhoptera is a small bird 14 cm. The supreme body rust red. Gray head a bit. Tunggir cover the tail of the rust red. Swept across the chin and throat white, gray, yellow away the old. Chest and abdomen dark yellow, white, brown and yellow on the middle side of the hull and cover the tail below.Iris brown, brown beak and feet are brown. Who live in small groups, rarely mixed with other species.
Although this type may have a limited extent, does not believe that the approach to thresholds vulnerable under the scope of the standard size (extent and occurrence of <20000 km2 along with the low volume range, or volatile, and the size of the extent / quality, or populations and habitats, a number of small sites fragmentation or severe). Although this trend appears to be declining in population, does not believe that the rapid decline enough to approach the standard under the thresholds of vulnerable population trend (> 30% reduction in ten years or three generations).
Did not quantify the size of the population, but does not believe that the approach to weak thresholds under the standard size of the population (<10,000 mature individuals with continuing decline is estimated that> 10% in ten years or three generations, or with the specific demographics). For these reasons, the species is evaluated at least concern.
Insects, and some fruits.Cup-shaped nest is not a meeting, attached to the horizontal branch, near the soil surface.White spots pale pink, and red-streaked, and 2 points.
Forest, the forest's edge, and the mountains.Extends a height of 1000 meters above sea level.


Java, West Java, Central Java.Deployment of local Debtors, Limbangan, Kendall: primary forest.

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