Friday, August 12, 2011

Bael Tree - Aegle Marmelos

Aegle marmelos, Bael Tree or (also known as apple wood or stone) is a medium sized deciduous tree, armed to 8.0 m high with straight, sharp, axillary thorns and yellowish brown bark Corky shallow grooves. In India it is called Bael or Bilwi. Almost all parts of Aegle marmelos be used for various medicinal purposes.
A tropical deciduous thorny tree to 10. It is 4 "oval fruits are very aromatic with a spicy pasta taste. Widely acclaimed in his native province, where he is also recognized as a drug. Produces fragrant flowers, 3" serrated leaves. Usine received with a mixture of soil and drainage, the moist, warm and bright light.
Infusion prepared from leaves of the tree Aegle marmelos is used to cure stomach ulcers. The fresh aromatic leaves of this tree Bael should be soaked in water for more than 10 hours, then the water is strained. This water must be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach to reduce pain and heal ulcers. The leaves have tannins that cures inflammation and ulcers.
The juice of fresh leaves Aegle marmelos can be heated with an equal amount of sesame oil until the mixture is reduced to three quarters of the first quantum. Black cumin seeds and black pepper seeds should be added at the time of heating is carried out.

This oil naturally prepared drug should be kept and a daily tablespoon of medicinal oil that can be massaged on the scalp, which improves resistance to colds and coughs. This oil can be massaged into the chest and forehead to get relief from breathing problems.
The green fruit is ripe or half-perhaps the most effective remedy for chronic diarrhea and dysentery where there is no fever. The best results are obtained by using their powder dry Bael. The Bael fruit, still green, is cut and dried in the Sun The Bael & Lices dried powder and stored in airtight bottles. The Bael green can also be cooked and used with cane sugar or brown sugar.
The root of this tree is used as a home remedy to treat ear problems. A stiff piece of the root is soaked in neem oil and lit. The oil that drips from the combustion is a very effective drug for ear problems. The antiseptic properties of neem combined with the astringent root extract Bael help cure the infection, chronic inflammation and secretions.

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